Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fish Theme Week

This week was exciting for the children. We were building the anticipation of welcoming our fish to their new house. We learned a few fish facts, read some lovely books from the library (lots of Rainbow fish books- I had no idea there was a collection!), and had fun with a few fishy crafts.

First were the Koi windsocks. They were a little more challenging for the little ones, but turned out sort of elegant (for a kids craft!).

I lightly traced straight lines on the construction paper for the kids to follow. The "scales" were tissue paper rectangles, rounded on one end.

Glue down 5 or 6 rows then add a black strip to even the top. Add two eyes then add a string for hanging.

The handprint fish tanks were much easier and fun to personalize (with a little inspiration).

I cut out "rock" shapes for the kids to chose from. They picked any color paper for the fish. Assemble with "breathing bubbles."

This cute book by Lucy Cousins illustrates a fun, creative, colorful group of fish. I love it.

I found a printable mask online. My older non-napper and I colored the masks together during quiet time, then laminated them. I finished them off with a thin piece of elastic cording.