Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sacramento Zoo

Thank you, groupon, for the zoo tickets. I haven't been in so long and it was a great morning. The weather was perfect, the animals were active (except for the 2 exhibits closed for maintenance) and everyone was well behaved. The train ride and carousel were new since the last time I have visited as were the otter and redesigned giraffe exhibits. 

Super serious map reader! He was on a mission to find those lions. Too bad the exhibit had a burst pipe or something- a bunch of zoo workers digging a hole in the ground isn't very exciting.

Super serious train rider!

The gorillas were so close!

The giraffes were so active this early morning.

Lens cap fail, uhg. Bottom of the giraffe exhibit.

On our way out the docents were out with animals to touch. I was so surprised that the children were eager to touch the snakes. This python was very slow moving and meek so I wasn't too worried.