Clear and meaningful communication is a vital component to successful childcare. The purpose of these policies is to provide important and pertinent information. If at any time a parent has a question concerning any part of this contract or the policies discussed here, it is urged that he/she e-mail or phone me about misunderstandings immediately. Communication between parents and the provider is essential to all parties receiving the care they desire.

These policies are subject to change and will be updated (and must be signed) yearly. A two-week notice will be given when a policy is changed, added, or revised unless for safety reasons the implementation must be immediate.

Daily Logs:

Each day your child attends the care center a copy of the Daily Log will be available for you to initial at pick up time, take home and review. These forms provide a way for you to know key highlights of what activities your child participated in, what foods were consumed, and any notes about his or her behavior or mood.

The Daily Log is also a place for you to make notes about concerns you may have about your child’s progress when you arrive at drop-off time. If you have any questions about items or notations on the form, please e-mail or phone. Depending on the number of children still attending the center at pick-up time, there may not be sufficient on-on-one time to address your concerns immediately while I also provide supervision for the remaining children.

Open Door Policy:

While your child is in my care, you can always be assured that the door is open to you. Open door does not mean that we keep our doors unlocked. For the safety of myself and of the children doors are kept locked even during scheduled drop off and pick up times.

Please feel free to drop in and check on your child at any time, however, keep in mind a child adjusting to a new environment and new people may become confused by unusual drop-in visits.  I would appreciate your taking into consideration our schedule when dropping in or calling, and remember that visitors can cause excitement among the children.

It is always appropriate to schedule a time to discuss your child’s behavior or your expectations, but it is difficult to do that during normal operating hours. The children need my undivided attention for comfort and safety. Please keep in mind there may be times when it is not possible for me to run to the phone (diaper changing, bottle feeding, etc.) If the phone goes unanswered, please do not become alarmed. Simply leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Emergency Contacts/Alternate pick-up list

No child will be allowed to leave with anyone except the parent, unless indicated on the alternate pick-up list.

Advance, written permission from the legal parent/guardian is needed if someone not currently on the alternate pick-up or emergency contact list will be allowed to remove the child from day care.

Anyone unfamiliar to me will be required to show valid picture identification. Please make the alternate pick-up person aware of these requirements.

If the person picking up the child appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, another authorized person will be called to pick-up both the child and the adult.

Court Orders: If there is a court order keeping one parent or guardian away from the child, I must see an original notarized copy of that court order and keep a copy in my files to that effect. Otherwise, I cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child.


It is in everyone's best interest that a sick child stays home. If a child has any of the symptoms listed below, they will not be permitted to attend day care until 24 hours after the last incidence of fever, vomiting, severe diarrhea, or until 24 full hours after medical treatment has begun as prescribed by a physician.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

·      Fever of 100 or more
·      Severe diarrhea (cannot be contained by the diaper or toilet)
·      Unexplained rash (child will not be allowed in daycare until a medical exam has indicated it is not a communicable disease)
·      Vomiting
·      Pinkeye or eye drainage
·      Chickenpox-until all blisters have dried and formed scabs, about 6 days after the onset of the rash.
·      Sore throat or loss of voice
·      Hacking or continuous, productive coughing or trouble/difficulty breathing
·      Thick and constant green, runny nose
·      Lice

If a child becomes ill while at daycare, parents will be notified and he/she must be picked up within one hour. If a parent is contacted but does not arrive within the hour, alternates will be called.

The sick child will, if possible, be isolated from the other daycare children to minimize exposure.

CA Department of Public Health requires that a child suspected of having or diagnosed as having a reportable infectious, contagious, or communicable disease for which isolation is required, be excluded from the daycare home until they, or the local Health Department, states in writing that the communicable, contagious or infectious stage of the disease has passed and that the child may be re-admitted to the daycare home.

*If one of my own children becomes ill during non-business hours and I will not be able to provide care to other children, I will notify parents as soon as possible. Parents/ guardians will need to arrange backup childcare for that day. There will be no charge.

If one of my own children becomes so ill that I can not provide care for other children during the center’s hours, I will notify parents and children will need to be picked up by a parent, guardian or alternate from the emergency contact list with in one hour. No charge will be made to partial days, which are dismissed at my request.

*If a medical emergency is to arise, I will obtain back up care and parents will then be notified to pick up children immediately.

Unexpected or Emergency Closures:

If I can not care for children for some unexpected reason (i.e. illness, death in the family, etc.) I will give parents as much notice as possible before the day care closure. If I can arrange substitute care, I will try to do that. Families will need to have their own back-up care for those times when neither a substitute nor I will be available. No tuition will be charged on days when the center is closed for emergencies.

Please be courteous and inform me of tardy arrival and absences; as waiting for children to arrive affects our schedule.

Maintaining a Healthy Space:

In order to reduce the spread of illness and maintain a clean, healthy home and play area, the following measures are taken:

-       Hands of children and care providers are washed with foaming soap and warm running water anytime children enter the home from outside, before and after eating, after using the restroom, after craft activities and any other time that hands may become soiled. Faces are cleaned before and after meal times as well.
-       Shoes are removed in the entry area and at the back door (to the outdoor play area) in order to reduce the amount of dirt/debris tracked through into the play area or brought into naptime areas. It is requested that if parents are walking to any other part of the center or to use the restroom that they, too, remove shoes near the front door.
-       Toys are washed (typically in a water and vinegar solution) depending on use and always after they have been in the mouth of any child.
-       If a child leaves early from day care or does not come back due to serious illness toys, seating areas, restrooms and linens are washed again to avoid spreading germs with other children or visitors.
-       In an effort to avoid harsh chemicals Method brand all-purpose sprays and a solution of vinegar and water are used in common areas (meal and play areas) and when washing toys. Solutions using bleach are typically reserved in restrooms and in the kitchen when raw meat is prepared.
-       Hand sanitizers are not used on a regular basis, in fact only when soap and water are not available.

Administration of over-the-counter products, pharmaceuticals, etc.:

Written permission is required before any medication, diapering products, sunscreens, lotions, insect repellants, vitamins or any other similar item can be administered to any child.

All prescription medications must have the child's name, name of medication, doctor's name, name of pharmacy, prescription number, date, and directions for administering/dosage on the label. The medication must be in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacy. Administration of any medication will be logged on a Medication Administration Record.

General First Aid, Hospitalization, etc:

In the event of any injury (other than minor scrapes, bumps, scratches, etc.), efforts will be made to contact the parents immediately.

Although supervision is constantly given, I cannot be by the child's side at all times to prevent falls, tripping, bumps, etc. If the child is injured in a non-life-threatening way, I will assess the child and provide home first-aid.

In the event of a serious injury, the parents (or if I am unable to reach the parents, I will call the alternate emergency contacts) will be notified immediately and necessary steps will be taken to obtain medical aid. For emergency purposes, PARENTS MUST KEEP ALL CONTACT NUMBERS CURRENT. If I am unable to reach you or your emergency contacts, I will arrange transportation for your child(ren) to his/her doctor or to a local hospital, if necessary. If immediate intervention is required, I will take appropriate action, including calling 911 and having your child transported by ambulance to the hospital.

You and your family insurance is/are responsible for the cost of medical help or treatment due to accidents or illness while in childcare. The childcare center and/or Jessica Kaiser are not responsible for any accidents that may happen to your child or for any medical or legal charges incurred.

Drop-In Procedure

The drop-in option for childcare is a great way to receive only the amount of childcare you need and is popular for parents with shorter or irregular work schedules, who need an extra back up caregiver, or who would like to schedule a time each week for errands and appointments. Meals, snacks and art/craft materials are supplied by the center, but a change of clothes and toiletry items are required to be left during care time.  Hourly rates are determined on age and number of children, please call or email for specific information. A few policies to be aware of:
- Drop-ins can be scheduled up to 10 days in advance, but contracted families always have priority. 
- A minimum of 2 hours will be billed for each visit.
- A cancellation within 24 hours of drop-off will incur a 2 hour fee. 
-All care should be confirmed via email or text message. 


Naptime (or quiet time for older children who have grown out of naps) will be required for all children. Naps and rest times are important for all children and go hand-in-hand with age appropriate activities, nutritious meals and a positive and loving environment. Please avoid dropping-off or picking-up your child during this time. It is tremendously disruptive to all children when interruptions occur during quiet time. Additionally, please know that this is a time that I use to clean up from the morning routine, prepare for the second half of the day, and take a short break from your active little ones!

You have the option of providing your own port-a-crib for your child or one will be provided. For hygiene reasons, sheets and blankets will be used for only one child at a time and washed weekly (unless soiled linens require more immediate washing). For older children, mats and linens are provided.

Parents are welcome to leave a pillow, blanket, or “security”/comfort items for use during naptime. They will be stored with your child’s extra set of emergency clothing.

Absent Time (for contracted families):

You are allowed up to 10 days of FLEX/absent time (used for illness, vacation, etc) billed at 30% tuition, however a maximum number of 2 days can be used in any given month.  Any absent time over 2 days per month or 10 days in a calendar year will be billed at 80% tuition. This is to hold your daycare space. If you choose to take your vacation on the weeks the provider is on vacation, no tuition will be due. No leftover absent-time days will be rolled over to the new calendar year.

Remember that 2 weeks notice is required to change your contracted hours and times or to discontinue childcare services.

Non-Contracted Hours:

If care is needed for children at a time that is different than those stated in the family’s contract, parents must request it from me via email or text message prior to the day the care is needed. Parents need to be aware that I may not always be able to grant requests, and that additional fees may be incurred if hours fall outside of the normal contract. Some factors that will determine availability include state mandated caregiver-child ratios and personal appointments that are scheduled outside of business hours. Typically, extra non-contracted hours are charged at the drop-in rate.

Tuition Payments (for contracted families only):

Tuition fees will be due by cash or check (paid to the order of Jessica Kaiser) when your child is picked up from daycare on the 15th and last day of the month. Invoices will be emailed out the day before to insure they reflect the most current charges.

Please review your charges carefully. I make every effort to carefully calculate charges. If you believe there is a discrepancy, please communicate your concerns with me so that they can be resolved in an effective and timely manner. Even if you believe there is a discrepancy, please pay the amount you believe you owe on time to avoid late charges.

Drop-in tuition will be paid daily when the child is picked up by cash or check. Some frequent drop-in families choose to pay a credit weekly or monthly so that transactions are made less frequently. Ask about payment options. 

Late charges will be assessed to any account in the following manner:
·      Full Time Tuition: late fees will begin accruing at the close of business on the 15th and last day of the month. $10 will be applied each day tuition is late. A $30 fee will be applied to any returned checks. After the first incidence of a return check, childcare  fees will need to be paid in cash. Children will not be able to attend day care if they have outstanding charges due.
·      Part Time Tuition: Tuition will need to be paid on or before the 15th or last day of the month even if your child does not attend that day. I will make every effort to have an invoice emailed to you before you arrive so that you do not have to make a special trip to deliver tuition. Late fees will accrue at the end of the business day on the 15th and the last day of the month in the amount of $10 per day. A $30 fee will be applied to returned checks. After the first incidence of a returned check, child care must be paid in cash. Children will not be able to attend day care if they have outstanding charges due.
·      Please note that any unpaid tuition and late fees will be collected by a court order, if necessary.


The hours your child(ren) may attend are outlined in the contract. You will incur a $5 overtime fee for every quarter hour you are early for drop off or late for pick up, beginning at 8 minutes. I carefully schedule all clients to maintain balanced ratios and to schedule personal family appointments outside of working hours. Please be respectful of these considerations by dropping your child off only during contracted hours. If you anticipate running late, a courtesy call or text is appreciated and will help your child avoid undue worry.

Personal items/toys/candy:

Please DO NOT send any toys, food, candy, gum, or money with your child unless specifically asked to do so. These items place an unnecessary burden on the provider, and may cause the child to become upset when taken away. Additionally, these items may also pose a potential health and safety hazard to other children.

Trial Period (for contracted families only):

There will be a two-week trial period for all children. Either the child’s parents or I may terminate the contract anytime during the two-week trial period. There will be no refunds given for application fees and fees will be assessed per contract for days when service was given.

Terminating Child Care (for contracted families):

After the trial period has expired, two weeks notice must be given in writing to you or to me prior to terminating childcare. If the provider will terminate childcare services, a written notice will be mailed to the most current address on file. If the family is terminating service, notice shall be provided in writing to the provider. All fees, dues, and charges will be paid in full on the last service day. The last two weeks of service will be paid, regardless of whether your child attends daycare or not.

If payment is not made and your account remains delinquent, legal action will be taken.

Jessica Kaiser and/or the childcare reserves the right to terminate the service immediately, without a two week notice, if:

·      Immunizations are not kept current (by CA state regulations)
·      Tuition is not paid in full
·      If the parent or guardian is not supportive of the contract, policies or procedures
·      The provider is treated in an abusive or derogatory manner by any parents, guardians, alternate emergency contacts or the child(ren)
·      The child(ren) fail(s) to adjust to the day care routines
·      If the child(ren)’s behavior is disruptive, unmanageable, and/or harmful to the other children or to the provider.

Child Abuse/Neglect:
I am required by law to report any suspected signs of child abuse and/or neglect. This includes any form of physical punishment by the parents in my home. Any request to use physical punishments will be noted in the child's file along with a written refusal from the provider, signed by the provider.

The information that you supply the provider will be kept confidential. I will, at all times, respect your privacy. Before any of the information is released in any public way, the parents will sign a release form. (This does not apply to law enforcement, the CA health department or other pertinent government officials.)

Legally binding, contracted services:
All childcare services will be contracted. The contract is a legal document obligating me to provide a service for you and in turn obligating you to pay me for that service. There are other requirements in the contract. I urge you to thoroughly read the contract and policies and realize that it is legal and you will be held liable for each item of the contract. By signing it, you are accepting it in all of its terms.

2014 Closures:

Monday, September 1st - Labor Day

Monday and Tuesday November 10th-11th - Veteran's Day

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday November 26, 27, & 28th - Thanksgiving

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, December 24th, 25th & 26th - Christmas

2015 Closures: (Partial)

Thursday, January 1st - New Year's Day

Monday, February 16th - President's Day

Monday, March 30th  through Friday, April 3rd - Spring Break

Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day