About The Center

Thank you for taking time to find out more about us!

Capital Care is an in-home childcare center that provides a safe and enjoyable setting for your child while you are away.

Center Hours:
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Services offered:

The Environment:
At the center we constantly strive for balance. At times quiet independent activities are presented while at other times group games or partner play activities are planned. We see the value in a loosely structured day that allows for all learning styles to be developed: visual, auditory and manipulative.

During circle time we review age appropriate ideas (weather, calendaring, letter and number recognition). During art times we build on those ideas and themes that cross the week. Throughout play time and during meals we practice good manners and citizenship skills. 

For our older toddlers who are eating solids at all meals (usually by 14-18 months), breakfast, lunch and two healthy snacks are served daily. Because nutritious meals are an important part of a child's day and an essential part of his or her development, careful planning and consideration are made to serve organically grown fruits and vegetables, to include whole grains, dairy products that are RBsT-free and meat products that are free from hormones and nitrates. Meals are made fresh each day and often, children are invited to participate in the preparation (selecting fruit for a smoothie or topping her own pizza). For our younger ones, parents are expected to provide breast milk or formula, bottles and some transition foods.

Daily Logs:
Each day a log will be kept recording important information. A duplicate copy will be available to take home and any questions or concerns you have can be addressed. Items typically recorded include:
- food and drink consumption
-diaper changes/toilet training updates
-favorite daily activities
-safety concerns or incidents
-overall behavior