Tuesday, June 16, 2015

France Week: Bonjour!

School is out. Time for a daycare staycation- this week France. 

French food:

We served French toast, crepes with homemade whip cream, baguette, chocolate croissant, Madeleine tea cookies, French fries and for dinner one night, homemade French onion soup (amazing but not beloved by the youngsters). 

Fun cheese tasting activity:

Brie was the winner and goat cheese caused scrunched noses. So proud of the kids for trying something new!

Art projects:

Art by Joel has AMAZING paper cities to print and cut. Free! But not free- you should send a donation. Talent!

Monet water lilies 

Paper square collage flag 

Make your own flag!

Eiffel Tower of straws (idea Cutting Tiny Bites)

Some of our favorite books:

Gus on the Go - a fun vocabulary app from the Apple Store is only $3.99 and very easy for the kids to play. The 6s had fun as well as Mr. 11 year old. The website also has a few free printable a that go along with it. 

Theme Week: Italy

Books we read:

Art Collage:

Alps Mountain Climber:

Tissue Paper Flag:

Foods we Tried:

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Tortellini, Risotto, Gelato, Biscotti, toast with espresso (but really, cocoa for kids) and of course, pizza. Children helped make homemade breadsticks.