Sunday, July 24, 2011

Safari Animals

This National Geographic Kid's Safari book was great. The photos gave perfect examples for the children. I checked it out at our local library.

For the giraffes, I cut out ahead of time the neck, head and strip of hair. Older kids cut out their own spots, but I cut out a pile for the younger ones to choose from. Brown, tan and orange crayons or markers were left out to make faces.

These layered lion faces made good practice for little hands who are still learning how to handle scissors. The mane required just simple straight cuts. Pipe cleaners were woven in and under the nose- easier than trying to glue them down.

Handprint elephant.

Paper plates, ear cut outs, accordion trunk and optional tusks.

I found a free printable download for these bendable monkeys. The kids could color the body before assembling and pick out any color pipe cleaner. The children loved attaching the monkeys to anything in the house. Double sided sticky tape made assembly quick and clean- no waiting for glue to dry (a huge bonus with little ones).