Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Week

Salad spinner firework art. This was my first attempt at this type of project. Trial and error seemed to show that a few little drops of paint clustered around the middle made the best designs. The kids love squeezing the paint on to the paper and spinning it with out help. I love that the paint stays in one easily cleaned area!

Bean bag toss. Each child helped design a monogramed bean bag and helped assemble the score plates. Great for number recognition with the younger ones and simple adding for the older.

Red, white and blue wands. We had tooo many super heros running around after these were made! Using the cricut to cut out different colored stars in 3 sizes made this craft quick to put together. Double-sided sticky tape made it easier for the little fingers to assemble. Michael's crafts has loose dowels in different sizes, but I found this pack of precut lengths perfect and less expensive than cutting it myself.

Liberty necklaces! The children practiced lacing with straws and hole-punched stars. Using tape at the end of the string to make things a little easier.