Friday, July 29, 2011

Dinosaur Week

These dinosaurs with jointed limbs were fun for the little ones. Anything with a glue stick and googlie eyes is a guaranteed winner. They could customize their dino with different colored spikes in any number.
I tried to teach the idea of fossils to the children. They loved being able to pick out dinosaur shapes and different colors to make their own rubbing/fossil. I cut dinosaur shapes out with the cricut and was pleasantly surprised to find that during a test run the card stock was thick enough to make a good rubbing. I originally thought I would have to add glue and sand to each cut out.

The children were so quick to make the connection between baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs just as baby birds do. They loved making their own hatching baby dinosaur eggs.

Our local library has a great youth encyclopedia about dinosaurs. The pictures are engaging and all of the children enjoyed thumbing through it at least once during the week. We reviewed some of the habitat photos before making our own. Ponds, trees, rocks and of course dinosaur cutouts made these a fun activity.