Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Crafts

I loved this idea of cutting silhouette haunted houses out and letting the children paste their favorite clip art pieces behind spooky doors and windows.

The girlies loved making these witch socks. I cut shoes from black paper for them to pick (some high heeled, some flat; some regular toed, some elfish) and they chose colors for the stocking and stripes. The glue stick was just slightly smaller than the stripes which made gluing a snap.

These super simple crafts are great for painting and shape recognition. The younger ones love to tell me what shapes they would like but often need a lot of help with those tricky scissors.

It isn't very often that we have juice at daycare... so the kids were extra excited about this craft. It was pretty simple- add about a cup of rice to the inside of the box. Let the kids tear strips of paper and affix using double sided sticky tape. Add a black square with gooogly eyes (under the bandages if possible).

The monster hand garland was my favorite new craft this year. I pre cut my size hands and some face shape ideas in different colors. The children assembled them, then we used a sharpie to make eyebrows (experimenting with moods).

I love these $1 holiday masks at Michael's craft. The children always love them and they work with colored pens or paints. And they almost always are on sale for .40.