Monday, May 16, 2011

Park Preparedness

Does anyone remember the old cartoon series Bobby's World? I think there was a woman on the show who drove around with a van packed full of emergency supplies and first aid equipment like a mobile Red Cross.

On the verge of looking too much like her, I have to admit I can't enjoy myself on an outing unless I have some necessities packed....
- the travel potty with wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizer are high on the list! I love the parks department- they know a lot about outdoor fun. But cleanliness and sanitation are sacrificed somewhere along the way.

- a travel first-aid kit (with eye washing cup and tweezers- every splinter from that tan bark seems to find my children)

- easy snacks and extra bottled water. I really like the idea of these new squeeze pouches. They are made with healthy ingredients, are resealable and you don't have to worry about clean hands because they go directly into the mouth. When they are chilled in the fridge, they are sort of like a dairy-free smoothie.

- some sort of travel umbrella or shade. Many of the parks in our area have younger trees (or the type in large parking lots that never seem to shade in a useful place).

-squirt bottles with foam fans attached. Someday it will hit the 100s here in Rancho again and all I will want is to be in a large tub of ice water.