Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympics: Week 2

Rhythmic gymnastics: The girls designed their own leotards. I had no idea that the leos designed for the US Olympic team are completely custom, one of a kind, and cost thousands of dollars and many months to design and create. Some ladies think of them similarly to a wedding dress (!).

We made ribbon wands and danced around the house. So elegant and fun.

The next day we watched a little bit of the shooting. We also talked about gun safety...

me) "What do you do if you find a gun?" (I was a little worried after I heard some of the replies!)

"Hide it in the bushes so no one can find it!"
"Play with it! Fight the monsters!"

I mentioned that we should never touch a gun we might find- they can be dangerous. We should tell an adult right away. If we find a gun and we don't know if it is a toy or if it is real, we should ask a big person before we touch it. Never point a gun (toy or otherwise) at anyone's body.