Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day (Week)

We used water and food coloring to make our own coffee-filter earth. Once they were dry we added a heart hands pledge. We talked about different ways to help keep the planet healthy: recycling, riding bikes, being nice to animals, keeping flowers in the ground for bees, using trash cans, saving water, etc. The children picked a favorite way and wrote it on their hands.

Hand print continents were layered on top of a starry background. (I lost the final draft picture. The children used q-tips to make stars on the black construction paper.)

We used repurposed toilet paper rolls for this art project. I love anything that keeps the children's hand a little less paint-covered. They love anything that involves paint covering.

The children were so SO proud of their forests! They asked to have photos taken. I love that! I used old catalogs to cut out tree tops and trunks on any page green or brown. They picked, assembled and glued their trees together.