Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fire Safety

If you aren't speaking with your children regularly about fire safety, I encourage it. Even though we talk about it at preschool every month or two, I can tell it isn't frequently enough:

{After brainstorming where a fire should or could be (on a candle, on the stove/pilot light/BBQ, in a fire place) this conversation occurred...}

Me: "Girls, what should we do if we see a fire in a silly spot, like the bathroom?"
Miss Em: "We should laugh!"

I guess calling it a 'silly spot' made her think it would be funny, instead of alarming.

A few ideas we covered this this afternoon:

1. Fires are hot, and the smoke can hurt our bodies.
2. If we see, smell or hear a fire in a 'silly spot' we should tell a big person and go outside right away.
3. The firemen/fire women help us. They have special tools and clothes that help them fight fires without getting hurt. {An important fact to point out to our brave little ones who ask, 'why can't we use our own hose?'}

(Fire safety craft idea courtesy of icanteachmychild.com)